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The Canadian Federal Government currently has a program to help small businesses get money for
development of new technologies, engineering, and research.


  • Software Development - Experimental development of new tech knowledge to develop/improve products or processes.

  • Engineering Work - Includes design, operations research, and more, directly supporting main SR&ED activities.

  • Basic Research - Advancing scientific knowledge without aiming for practical application.

  • Applied Research  - Aiming to advance scientific knowledge with a practical application in view.

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One of our business analysts will work with you to learn about your business, and technologies you are developing. We will then create a highly customized plan and SR&ED Claim for you

Once your plan is completed, we help you submit your claim for review of and claim your SR&ED Tax Credit.

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See how some of our clients have leveraged government funding to grow their business

Monica Sayal
Sky Harbour Dental

Monica implemented a new CMS landing page and cloud based practice management software for her dental clinic.

Kerry Mason
Bottom Line Accounting

Kerry implemented a new practice management software and digital folder for clients to upload bank statements.

Vitali Chouminov
Cheesy Place

Vitali implemented an email marketing software to keep existing clients up to date on new product offerings in his retail gourmet cheese store.

Waheed Ahmed
Pesticon Pest Control

Karim was approved for a new website and a digital marketing strategy that resulted in more leads for his business. His business continues to grow as a result.

meet the FUNDING Team

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Shane Son Kee, B.A.

President - PaperDoDo Inc.

"Registerd CDAP Advisor"

With a relentless commitment to empowering small businesses and enhancing their profitability and efficiency, the CDAP Advisor is a trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape. The team at PaperDODO specialize in technology integration, they are committed to helping businesses simplify operations, automate routine tasks, and boost customer acquisition.
The CDAP Advisor brings a wealth of experience and expertise and a deep understanding of small businesses' unique challenges. From streamlining workflows to harnessing the power of automation, they work alongside companies to achieve their goals, making their operations leaner and more productive.
When businesses partner with a CDAP Advisor, they gain access to a passionate advocate for their success, someone ready to tailor innovative solutions to their specific needs. Together, they pave the way for businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world, ensuring they stay competitive and customer-focused at every step.

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Khalid Remtulla, H.B.A.

Ivey HBA - Digital Business Analyst

"Business Analyst"

Khalid, a highly accomplished Digital Business Analyst, brings his exceptional qualifications from Ivey's HBA program to the forefront of his work. With a strong foundation in business and an unwavering commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital trends, Khalid exemplifies a passion for excellence. His solid background in digital marketing, complemented by his Ivey HBA credentials, equips him with the unique ability to blend analytical insights with innovative strategies seamlessly. His experience allows him to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their digital presence, consistently delivering results that fuel growth and success.

Damian Hart
See profile

damian hart, H.B.A.

Ivey HBA  Digital Business Analyst

"Business Analyst"

Damian is a highly skilled business analyst  from Western University Ivey Business School. With his strong analytical abilities and experience in market research and financial analysis, Damian has helped numerous organizations improve their operations and achieve their digital development goals. Damian has developed a deep understanding of business strategy and data-driven decision-making, which he has since leveraged to deliver exceptional client results. With his ability to identify key business trends and translate complex data into actionable insights, Damian is an asset to any organization seeking to optimize their operations and drive growth.

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SR&ED - Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my funds through SR&ED?

Upon completion of the program, the Government of Canada will reimburse you for the assessed SR&ED claim

What is the timeline for developing my digital plan through SR&ED?

After signing the contract, it may take up to 2-4 weeks to develop your digital plan, depending on the agreement and providing the proper documentation to our advisors.

Can someone else submit my SR&ED application on my behalf?

No, the owner or director of your company must be the one to submit the application. Your SR&ED advisor can help you with any questions you may have regarding the process.

Can you provide references from previous clients in Toronto?

If you would like some additional references of clients we've helped, we can provide them if requested. We have 100% success rate getting SR&ED claims approved.

Can I apply for SR&ED grants for multiple companies?

Yes, you can apply for SR&ED claim for multiple companies, provided each company meets the requirements. However, each application must be filed separately for each entity.

What if I have participated in similar government adoption programs?

If you have received funding through programs such as IRAP, you can still file a claim. However, only capital spent from non-government funded activities are eligible for the SR&ED claim.